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At Parina Heating and Air, we strive to provide a new level of Rochester heating and cooling air conditioner services. We go beyond selling you just a ‘box’ that heats or cools the air. From proper design, installation, and testing to daily use, we make sure you get the most efficiency from your equipment.

Our Company History

We’ve worked at different heating and air companies over the years. It was always the same old, routines. Fix the equipment. Sell the equipment. Rinse and repeat. Tell the homeowners there was nothing we could do to fix their comfort complaints. The companies didn’t have the expertise to fix such issues. We saw that the knowledge was out there. It just had to be learned and put to good use. This is where Parina Heating and Air was born. At the corner of customer service excellence and comfort problem-solving. Parina Heating and Air were created to provide a new level of Heating and cooling services in Rochester NY to residential customers.

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We are Monroe County’s premier forced air performance specialists. We design, install, test and balance residential forced air systems. We specialize in air diagnostics. Upstairs too warm? Hot or cold rooms? System noisy when the fan turns on? Are you uncomfortable in your house? We provide solutions and tests to make sure they work. There is no guessing. When you’re looking for comfort, then look no further than the best HVAC contractors in Rochester NY.

Heating and cooling services in Rochester NY

Over the years, we have become the leading heating and cooling services provider in Rochester NY area. Rest assured that the work will be done right the first time.