Top 10 reasons to schedule maintenance

Here are 10 reasons to have routine maintenance done on your heating and air conditioning system. Just like a car, having maintenance done increases the longevity and minimizes breakdowns.

  1. Safety.  Safety is the number one priority. Safety for your family and home. Having your equipment maintained yearly ensures it’s running safely year to year. Fuel burning appliances produce an exhaust gas that contains Carbon monoxide. The appliance needs to burn the fuel efficiency and safely and then vent it to the outdoors.
  2. Minimize emergency breakdowns. When you have your equipment maintained, we test the operation of the appliance and components. This lets us catch possible issues early on and recommend repairs before it breaks down in the middle of the season.
  3. Convenient schedule. Scheduling the maintenance visit on your schedule let’s you pick when you want it done. Not when the equipment breaks down.
  4. Saves money. Over the lifespan of the equipment, routine maintenance saves you money by having the equipment run in tip-top shape. Reduce energy consumption and fuel usage with a properly maintained unit.
  5. Increases life expectancy. Routine maintenance increases the life expectancy of the equipment. Your equipment does not have to work as hard over its lifespan.
  6. Maintain manufacture’s warranty. Many pieces of equipment now require routine maintenance by the manufacturer to keep the warranty intact.
  7. Benchmark the condition of your equipment. We start a benchmark for your equipment. That way we can see how it preforms year after year.
  8. Filter check. Many times, people get busy in their lives and forget to replace their filter. We make sure it’s clean and recommend replacement if it’s dirty. A dirty filter makes the unit work harder and can eventually cause operational problems. Maintaining proper indoor air quality is crucial for the health of the home’s occupants.
  9. Finding other issues. A lot of times, we encounter other problems related to the furnace, air conditioner, or duct work. Those issues might be oversized equipment, in adequality sized duct work, noisy system, etc. We love helping the homeowner solve their system issues.
  10. Peace of mind. At the end, you gain peace of mind that your system is working safely and efficiently. It has gone through a through maintenance visit preformed by Parina Heating & Air.