Superior Home Comfort Starts With You

   Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature has never been more important. With more people working from home, heating and air conditioning bills are probably contributing to a surge in your utility bills. This is to be expected, right? Running your air conditioner at 70 degrees for 18 hours instead of 12 will certainly result in higher home heating and air conditioning costs. What many people did not expect was that despite the higher bills, their home is still not comfortable- Some rooms will simply not cool down while others are freezing.

Unlike many things in life, a home with inefficient or inconsistent air conditioning is not one of those things that you just have to get used to. While the causes of heating and air conditioning malfunctions are plenty and assorted, most of them can be diagnosed by a local HVAC technician. One of the most common causes of poor air conditioning circulation is that the air conditioning unit is too big for the area that it is cooling. When homeowners face the prospect of suddenly having no air conditioning, they choose to replace the whole unit rather than getting it serviced or repaired. And, it is America after all, and when buying a new air conditioner, many choose the biggest one that will fit. I can’t fault this logic, but do yourself a favor, and maybe save yourself some time, money, and sweat: Request a home comfort consultation before deciding on new equipment.
Any reputable HVAC company should be able to provide you with a full home comfort consultation, so how do you know which to trust? Well, another free tip: Don’t wait until your air conditioner is on the fritz to call an expert. Most companies would be more than happy to come to do diagnostic tests to figure out how your home can be more comfortable. Many of these recommendations will end up saving you money as well. Having this information before you need it is the name of the game. If your air conditioning stops working on a week where the high is 95 degrees, that is not an ideal time to comparison shop new air conditioners. Instead, request a consultation in your cool and comfortable home so that you know where you stand- Are you using the right equipment? Would a different-sized air conditioning unit provide better home comfort? What sort of off-season maintenance can be done to extend the life of your heating air conditioning units? While this may not seem like an ideal way to spend an end-of-summer day, it sure beats sweating out at the end of summer!