Heating & Air Conditioning Service

Excellent service. Nailed it.

At Parina Heating & Air we provide a high level of service while repairing your equipment. We stay up to date with the current technology and training, so the home owner gets the best value from a knowledgeable technician.


All our pricing is upfront. We charge a flat fee to come over to your house and diagnose the issue. This includes thirty minutes of diagnostic time. Most repairs can be diagnosed within this time. After, we diagnose the issue, we quote an all-inclusive flat rate price that includes parts and labor. And that’s it. There are no surprise additional fee’s, costs, or extra hourly labor added on. Everything needed to get the job done is included in that price.

Residential services we offer include:

  • Forced air natural gas and propane furnaces installation and repair
  • Hot water boilers installation and repair
  • Hot water on demand systems – also referred to as tankless units – installation and repair
  • Energy recovery ventilators (ERV’s), heat recovery ventilators (HRV’s) and other indoor air quality products – installation and repair
  • Mini-split installation and repair
  • Duct work installation and repair
  • Airflow diagnostics, air balancing, and system performance testing
  • Carbon monoxide testing and combustion analysis testing
  • Load calculations and duct design
  • Home Comfort Consultations

What We Offer

See our services below: