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Platinum Maintenance

The EPA states that over 50% of equipment is installed incorrectly. And 90% of equipment has some type of energy waste.

The Parina Platinum Performance Maintenance visit offered to the homeowners who want the best for their system. This visit also may interest you if you have concerns about aging equipment, efficiency, high energy bills, noise from system operation, or Indoor air quality.

2 Hour EXTENSIVE Furnace OR AC maintenance visit that builds upon our regular maintenance.

  • Before and after report on system vitals with all information sent via Bluetooth tools back to tablet for review.
    • You can’t have a proper tune-up without pre and post data.
  • Measured efficiency at unit.
    • How is your unit currently performing? Is it really doing what it should be doing?
  • Estimated delivered efficiency.
    • Duct work systems are often improperly sized and leaky. Twenty to forty percent efficiency gets lost by the time the air gets delivered to the rooms.
  • Filtration overview.
    • Is your current filtration adequate for your needs and the needs of the equipment?
  • Measured airflow across equipment.
    • Airflow is everything. Inadequate and improper airflow effect system efficiency.
  • Full combustion analysis.
    • Full analysis of how the gas is being burned.  safe and efficient.
  • Full refrigerant level analysis.
    • Optimal charge = Optimal efficiency.
  • Thermostat setting calibration.
    • Make sure your thermostat is optimized for best control of your equipment.
  • Homeowner overview consultation.
    • Give you the down and dirty of what improvements were and can be made.

All Preformed by a NATE certified energy efficiency analyst certified in residential design. $195+ tax