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Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance Required for Equipments

We preform maintenance on all brands and most kinds of residential equipment (Sorry, no oil). And to keep that equipment in tip-top shape requires routine maintenance.

How often should I have maintenance done on my equipment? Recommended maintenance should be done once a year on each piece of equipment. This ensures that your equipment continues to run safely, efficiently, and minimizes breakdowns.

We use the latest technology, tools, and training, to provide the most comprehensive and valuable maintenance visit for the homeowner.

What tools and technology do you use to set yourself apart from the competition?

We use a lot of high end tools on our maintenance visits. This lets us dial in the efficiency of the equipment with accuracy. For example, we use a combustion analyzer for our heating maintenance visits. A combustion analyzer is a tool with a probe that takes a continuous sample of the exhaust that comes from your heating equipment. This sample breaks down and tells us how efficiently and safely the exhaust gas is burning within the appliance. It also tells if the appliance is producing excessive amounts of carbon monoxide. If you don’t test, how would you know if it’s burning safely? On our air conditioning maintenance visits, we use Bluetooth refrigeration and temperature gauges. This lets us know if the refrigeration charge is correct with utmost accuracy. The EPA states that at least 50% of air conditioning systems are charged incorrectly. Incorrectly charged systems consume more energy and effect the performance of the unit. 

Tools plus training equals a winning combination for the homeowner.

We are highly trained. We hold some of the highest certifications in the industry. From being a NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified energy efficiency analyst, Certificate Member of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society, to air balancing, system performance training and more. How that benefits the homeowner is that we can find and talk about additional issues that come up during maintenance and provide solutions. For example, is your system noisy when the fan runs? Well, your duct work maybe too small. Or your system is too big. Is your upstairs too hot during the summer? Do you need some duct retrofit work or possibly air balancing? We can start talk talking to you about your comfort issues without you waiting for a salesman to come to your house.

But the other guys can come over and do maintenance for half the cost!

There is no set standard per say for maintenance. It’s up to a company’s policy on how in-depth they would like their technicians to preform maintenance. And what if the technicians don’t follow protocol? What if they move fast just to get through the call. After all, time is money. But are you really getting the value you are paying for? We follow the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) quality maintenance standard on residential systems. This comprehensive check list lays out the work scope for the technician. This check list makes sure you receive a through maintenance visit with added value for the homeowner.

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