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Improve indoor air quality

The average human breathes 11,000 liters of air a day!


People always tend to think of pollution happening outdoors. What about indoors? Indoor pollution can reach levels several times higher than outdoor levels. So, what are you breathing every day inside your home?

Pollution can come from a variety of sources, the air quality in Rochester, NY has been deteriorating over the years. But most of us don’t ever think of it.
Gases from combustion appliances (appliances that burn fuel). For example, a cooking stove.
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. They can come from cleaners, paints, wax, and a variety of other household products.
Carbon monoxide (CO) Indoor particulate matter. Indoor PM is a mixture of solid and/or liquid particles suspended in the air. Indoor PM can come from fireplaces, stoves, heaters, and from outdoor sources.
The Rochester, NY air quality and the pollutants can have short or long-term effects on your health. We can help you come up with a strategy to reduce these pollutants within your home.
Another IAQ concern is maintaining the proper humidity inside your home. It’s important to maintain the proper humidity levels in your home to keep a comfortable, healthy space. Indoor humidity levels should be between 30 to 50 percent.
Low humidity during the winter can lead to dry and itchy skin. The dry air can also lead to respiratory problems. It can also be damaging to building materials. As the materials dry out, they shrink, crack, and cause warping of the material itself. Adding a whole-house humidifier will bring humidity levels back up to the acceptable range.
High humidity during the summer makes us feel uncomfortable. Our bodies cannot shed heat as easily when the humidity is high. Part of the air conditioner’s job is to remove humidity. If your air conditioner is too large, you won’t get a long run cycle out of it which removes a lot of humidity. You might also experience high humidity during the shoulder seasons. The humidity will be high but it’s still not hot enough to run the AC. A whole-house dehumidifier might be beneficial here. There is a lot to indoor air quality. Let us create a solution for you to improve indoor air quality and make your loved ones comfortable at home.

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