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Air Conditioning Repair & Equipment Replacement

Your furnace or air conditioner is a machine. A machine that delivers comfort. Most people only replace their machines two to three times in their lifetime. Homeowners never get experienced in what they should look for because of the few times they have to replace their equipment. So, what should you look for when replacing? How do you get a machine that delivers both comfort and efficiency?

Rochester NY air conditioning repair service

The first step is sitting down with you and figuring out what your goals are. Are you happy with your current system? Do you just want to replace it like for like? Is it noisy? Do your dollar bills go up in smoke every time you run your equipment? Are you uncomfortable? Are rooms too hot or cold? Are you sweating profusely while trying to sleep in your upstairs bedroom at night? Taking the time to address these concerns at the time of your equipment replacement is crucial. Once our air conditioning repair Rochester, NY experts have figured out what your goals are, we can move to the next part of the design process and do what’s called a load calculation, also referred to as a ‘Manual J.’

A load calculation Manual J what now?!

A load calculation is where we measure your house to determine the proper size of equipment your home needs. We measure the square footage of your house, windows, doors, insulation, roof shingle color, and more. Even the orientation of which way your home faces affects equipment sizing. That information is put into a computer program which then tells us what size equipment you need. This is the ONLY way to properly size equipment. A properly sized system will have a longer run time which provides more comfort and energy efficiency. It will start and stop less which puts stress on the equipment. Think city VS highway miles. As we are a popular AC repair service provider in Rochester, NY. we ensure that you are not paying more to operate a bigger piece of equipment than your home needs. Imagine paying extra for something for the next 15 years and being uncomfortable. Yikes

There are two kinds of load calculations we can do for your home. One is a block load calculation. That treats your home as one big room. It makes it simpler and faster for equipment sizing. The next is a room by room load calculation. In this load calculation, every room gets measured individually. This lets us know equipment sizing and how much airflow needs to go to each room. A room by room calculation would be used for air diagnostics, air balancing, or designing a ductwork system.

This is a lot of information! My head is going to explode!! Is there anything else?

Yes! Ductwork!!

At the very minimum, you should have the static pressure of the system checked. This is the pressure resistance your fan motor works against while moving air throughout the ductwork. With traditional fan motors, the more pressure resistance your fan sees, the more the overall volume of air goes down. And your efficiency goes down as well. Think of it like blood pressure. The higher your blood pressure, the less volume of blood your heart pumps. Now, with these new-fangled ‘energy efficient’ ECM fan motors that are being installed, the motors since the resistance they are working against. The motors ramp themselves up to overcome the resistance. This keeps the airflow across the equipment up which keeps the efficiency up. But, put them on a restrictive system, and they will ramp up too much, consume too much energy, and burn themselves out.

Most ductwork systems need to be fixed. The typical duct system loses 20-40% efficiency due to improperly sized ductwork and duct leakage. We also see a lot of improperly sized filters. Filters that are too small for the system they are on and therefore create a lot of resistance to airflow. Your equipment is only as efficient as the ductwork system that it’s connected to. So that high-efficiency equipment you’re about to install needs a high performing duct system. Think of putting a Corvette engine in a pinto, you’ll never get the true performance out of it. And did you know that high-efficiency furnaces require more air across them to keep their rated efficiency up? So if you don’t fix your duct system, your efficiency goes down the tubes. Hmmm….

The final piece of the puzzle!

Supply registers and return grilles!

To reach the upper echelon of comfort we need to look at your registers and grilles. Did you know that there is actually engineering data we use to properly size the registers and grilles? They must meet the airflow requirement without being restrictive, not be noisy, and must be designed to throw the air and spread it out over a certain distance into the room to get the best air mixture. This gets you the best comfort. The registers and grilles sold at the big box stores do not have this data. The better manufacturers publish this data with the registers and grilles they sell. We also see a lot of misapplied registers being installed as well. For example, registers are located near the floor on the wall. Registers are picked that throw the cool air horizontally into the room. That cool air is cold and dense and just puddles along the floor. The air never gets thrown up into the room for good air mixture and comfort. Proper selection is key to comfort.

Now what?

You can see there is a lot to designing a system. And after the equipment is installed it still needs to be properly commissioned to make sure it runs efficiently. Whether that is following manufacturer’s procedures or providing specialized services like air balancing where we are measuring while pushing the air through the ductwork to where it needs to go.
Our Rochester NY air conditioning repair service experts would love for you to take us along on your journey. We can help you get as far as you would like to go with your project. It takes planning, time, and many times a bunch of little steps to reach your destination. But in the end, you’ll be at your destination. And that destination is COMFORT.

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