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Heating & Cooling Comfort Diagnostics

All too often homeowner comfort complaints go unfixed. Many heating and air conditioning companies do not have the proper training and tools to diagnose comfort issues. How often have you been told that you just have to live with your upstairs being too hot during the summer time? And they use the excuse that ‘heat rises’ and ‘that’s just the way it is.’

You don’t have to be uncomfortable!

There are steps that can be taken to diagnose and fix comfort issues within the home.

First step is making sure your house is energy efficient. Is the cause of your comfort complaint from a building deficiency, or from a system deficiency? Does your house have enough insulation? Does it need air sealing to stop warm or cold air from leaking in or out of the home? Windows leaky? A more efficient house is a more comfortable house. And those houses also save more on utility bills. A more efficient house also uses a smaller furnace and air conditioner to condition the space, providing more comfort and energy savings.

Second step is diagnosing the issue(s) and prescribing solutions to fix it. Comfort issues are never fast and easy to fix. It takes extra diagnostic time to uncover. Let’s say your upstairs is hotter during the summer time or you have hot or cold rooms. We need to do a room by room load calculation to determine what the airflow requirements are to each room. This also tells us if your equipment is sized correctly. Then the airflow gets measured in each room and at the equipment. The airflow gets compared to what is required to what is actually moving in or out of the registers and grilles. We can see exactly how the system is preforming!

The third step is coming up with solutions to fix the issue. We can see if your system is oversized; if your ductwork is leaky, restrictive, or needs some retrofit work; or if your system needs some final air balancing to push the air where it needs to go throughout the ductwork.

The result is a system that makes the home more comfortable. And a more comfortable and balanced system is a more energy efficient system. You are no longer trying to do things like crank the thermostat down to get the temperature down upstairs while trying to sleep.

We can also provide solutions for other rooms in your home.

Not all rooms have a forced air system or duct work going to them. Or maybe even the duct work is inaccessible. Do you have a bonus room that’s hard to heat or cool? An enclosed porch that you spend a lot of time in? Electric heat in room that costs a fortune to operate?

We recommend installing a mini split system. Mini split systems offer greater flexibility and efficiency than a traditional AC system. They can be configured to handle a single room, or several rooms tied to a single outdoor unit. A mini split is its own air conditioning, and/or heating and air conditioning system. These systems are typically installed in trouble rooms, or areas where there is no air conditioning available. They also provide precise comfort control of the room they’re installed in.

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