March is Indoor Air Quality Month in Rochester

Ok, that is not exactly true. March is the official month of plenty of things, but indoor air quality is not on the list yet. After posting about indoor air quality last month, we received many responses, requests, and questions. Many people we spoke to said some version of the same thing: “I want to improve air quality in my home, but I really can’t afford any expensive equipment right now.”

This makes perfect sense. Look, I have to go to the gas station too, so I understand that many people have tough financial decisions to make. The good news is that there are plenty of low-cost things that you can do that will improve your air quality. In fact, many of these suggestions may also clear up those seasonal allergies, or finally help with that dry skin that’s been around since December. Any Rochester HVAC company is very familiar with the seasonal maladies that seem unique to this region, and we are no different.

So, without further adieu, some things to add to your spring cleaning checklist that will also help to improve and regulate air quality:

  1. Fresh air is medicine, take a bunch! One of the hallmarks of a Rochester spring is the weather- freezing in the morning, pleasant all day, and freezing again at night. Take advantage of the pleasant weather and leave your windows open during the day. It may be a little chilly, but put on a sweater and remember that it was 10 degrees for a month not too long ago. When your windows are closed, pollutants and other chemicals are trapped indoors. Open them up wide and let the fresh air sweep those impurities outside.
  1. Decluttering not only helps with air filtration, but it’s also a mentally satisfying task that clears up some much-needed brain space. Having lots of clutter in a home makes it harder to clean. Those harder to clean spots hide all sorts of air pollutants from thick layers of dust to more unsavory things like bug residue. Decluttering opens up these spots so you can visually identify where to clean (and keep clean!), limiting the pollutants in the air. This task may not filter the air, but when it comes time to invest in a tried and true air filter, it will have a lot fewer air pollutants to filter out.
  1. It’s a great time to replace the air filters in your home, especially in any air conditioning units. Whether you have central air conditioning or are using window units, I always recommend changing the filters before you are ready to use the air conditioner. In addition to replacing the air conditioning filters, take this time to thoroughly clean the air conditioning unit. Getting this done will give you peace of mind and you will be ahead of the game. Trust me, that first 80 degree day is closer than we think. Don’t be the one cleaning your air conditioner and replacing the filters when you really want to be enjoying the cool, clean air.
  1. For the bravest among you… try taking a cold shower! Showers release all sorts of humidity in the home that lingers long after you dry off. That humidity can encourage mold growth and ultimately hurt the air quality in your home. Bathroom vents are good starts to releasing that humidity but if you want to be extra conscientious about keeping the air quality excellent, taking a cold (or warm if the thought of ice water is unbearable) to remove that heavy humidity from your home.

Use these low-cost, high-impact tips to give your indoor air a refresh, and to get your home and mind ready for spring. You can’t smell lilacs if the windows are closed. If you have any other low-cost tips to improve air quality, leave a comment and let us know.