Five Most Common Indoor Allergens

Your nose is running. Your eyes are scratchy. There’s a slight tickle in your throat. Constant pressure against the side of your head all but confirms… it’s allergy season. Every year it comes right on time, like the Super Bowl if your sinuses were being tackled and your headache felt like a roaring audience whenever disturbed.

Allergens are pervasive, and your indoor air quality is directly correlated to how many allergens roam freely in your space. Read on to find out what some of the most common indoor allergens are and what you can do about them!

Dust and Dust Mites!

It’s spring cleaning for a reason. Over the winter, without the robust airflow that open windows allow, dust piles up in hard-to-reach places. The nose is notoriously sensitive to dust and the microscopic dust mites that make their home in it. Dust mites leave behind tiny allergens are irritate sinuses.

Our Solution: Regulate humidity! Dust mites thrive in humid environments and by creating a low-humidity space, dust mites lose their might.

Pets and Dander!

They may be our best friends, but they aren’t too friendly to our sinuses. Pet hair and pet dander can pervade all areas of the household. Variety of pet hair is not limited to the usual suspects like the cat or dog. In fact, even smaller mammals like mice or hamsters can create airborne irritants that disturb our noses.

Our Solution: Increase airflow! Not only is a breeze a welcome guest in the home, but it also discourages pet dander from building up in its stagnancy. A good breeze goes a long way!


Sometimes people carry in-house plants without knowing anything about the allergens they produce. Sometimes pollen sticks to clothes and is tracked inside. Regardless, just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you’re free from outdoor allergens. Pollen is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to allergies.

Our Solution: Purify the air! With Parina, a top-of-the-line, easily financed air purification system tackles even the most stubborn pollen so you can breathe easy in your own home.


This is one of the toughest to tackle allergens because mold not only irritates sinuses, but it can also cause a slew of other health problems. If you see mold, call an expert immediately!

Our Solution: While waiting on your expert, there are a few things you can do to keep your home as safe as possible… and we’ve already gone over them! Regulate humidity, increase airflow, and purify the air! With this trifecta of air quality solutions, your home can be ready for even the most inescapable allergens.

Be Prepared for Allergy Season!

Parina has gone through its fair share of allergy seasons. Knowing what it takes to increase the air quality of homes, we’ve designed efficient, cost-friendly tools to get your family’s home and health on track.