Keep Comfortable

Air conditioning season is right around the corner. The best thing you can do is plan ahead if you need to have your system replaced. Lets put a plan together to get you into the right sized system for optimum comfort and efficiency.

Things you should do when replacing a system:
A blower door test, load calculation, and check the duct work.

Measured Results

At Parina Heating and Air, we strive to provide a new level of heating and air conditioning service. We go beyond selling you just a 'box' that heats or cools air. From proper design, installation, and testing to daily use, we make sure you get the most efficiency from your equipment.

"If you're not testing, you're guessing."


We know there are other companies in the region. You probably do, too. That's why we strive to respond quickly and efficiently when you call. We understand that your call and schedule are important; you can trust that when we make a commitment to arrive, we intend to be there. Should something change, we'll contact you immediately because we're professionals who treat customers with respect.

The weather is slowly changing as we move toward spring. Now is a great time to start thinking about what makes you uncomfortable in your home. Tackle the comfort issues before the weather heats up.

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